Carus Animal Health and Intract Pharma enter agreement to develop novel drug delivery technology

Carus Animal Health and Intract Pharma have entered into an agreement to utilise Intract’s novel drug delivery technologies for applications in the veterinary market for companion animals.

Intract Pharma Ltd, a UK company specialising in the development of oral drug formulations has developed unique models and proprietary drug delivery technologies to develop advanced new products with optimal therapeutic effects. It is actively working with Carus in the development of a new drug product for companion animals.

Intract’s advanced in vitro and ex vivo models utilise biological fluids and tissue samples from relevant animal species to provide unparalleled insights into drug stability, solubility and permeability throughout the highly variable intestinal environment.

Using the data from these studies, Intract can develop optimal, state-of-the-art drug delivery solutions to target and control drug release in the ideal region of the gut. These novel formulations will bring innovation and commercially superior drug products to the veterinary market.

Jolian Howell, commercial director at Carus Animal Health, said: “We are excited about the prospect of developing a novel human health technology that brings unique benefits to animal health in terms of oral administration through a range of controlled release technologies.”


Notes to Editors:

Carus Animal Health is based in the UK and was established in October 2017. Backed by its parent company, Kyoritsu Seiyaku, which is the largest distributor and manufacturer of animal health products in Japan. Carus is focused on identifying and developing novel technologies which have application in animal health.

Intract Pharma is a licensing and product development company offering state-of-the-art formulation technologies and specialist gastrointestinal models to develop advanced new therapeutics. These have been successfully developed for multiple therapies in human health.

Intract is a spin-out from UCL School of Pharmacy based on 20+ years research from laboratory of Prof. Abdul Basit.

For further information contact:

Jolian Howell
Commercial Director
Carus Animal Health
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