We Innovate & Develop

Our heritage

Our parent company, Kyoritsu Seiyaku (KS), was established in 1955 and currently employs 540 staff with a total of 1280 in the KS Group.  In 2016 KS achieved sales of $373 million securing itself as number 1 in the Japanese market for sales of veterinary products for both Production and Companion Animals and number 11 in the world.  KS has a strong portfolio of pharmaceuticals and vaccines for livestock, aquaculture and companion animals as well as a leading position in animal nutrition.

Carus Animal Health is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of the KS Group established in June 2017.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE KS CORPORATE PROFILE

KS has a wealth of experience and know-how based on a half-century history and reputation for delivering value to its customer and care to their pets and livestock.


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R&D Staff


Years of Experience

Animals Come First

Animals play a crucial role in our lives including with respect to animal-assisted activities, therapy and education. This means, in the 21st century, animals have become more important to human welfare than ever before.


Research & Development

To source and develop innovation primarily focused on companion animals through academic and industry partners in Europe and North America


Seeking Innovative Partnerships

Carus will partner with innovative companies offering fast track no-cost access to the Japanese market via KS; it will also partner with academic centers and early-stage companies to develop technology platforms to drive its own products for Japan, and to global markets via preferred distributors.


We'd be interested to hear from you

We are interested in hearing from any organization that would like to join us in our journey to improve the health and wellbeing of companion animals.

The Meaning of Carus

The Latin meaning of Carus is ‘beloved’ or ‘held dear’. The verb ‘caress’ originates from ‘cara’ and the human contact of stroking or touching a pet in a loving manner is something we believe is strongly represented in our name.

Our Mission
Carus Animal Health has been established by its parent company KS to source and develop innovation with the primary focus on companion animals by securing academic and industry partnerships in Europe and North America. This is the beginning of an exciting journey to increase the footprint of the KS Group outside of Japan and to provide innovative partners with fast-track low-cost access to the Japanese market where KS has the leading market position.
Our Philosophy
Carus Animal Health shares the philosophy of its parent company KS for contributing to the harmonious coexistence of people, animals and the environment. As a company, we believe in cementing a covenant between animals and humans to safeguard both our futures. We have a responsibility to innovate to ensure the continuing prosperity of humans and animals in an ever-changing climate and environment by developing products and solutions that are future-proof.
Group Values
In the 21st century, animals have become more important for human welfare than ever before. Carus are committed to helping ensure animals receive a good quality of life during each stage of their lives. These values have been developed and practiced for more than 50 years by our parent company Kyoritsu Seiyaku.

Carus Covenant

Contributing to the harmonious coexistence of people, animals and the environment

Carus Creed

Striving to become a company characterized by outstanding personnel, products and performance

Carus Commitment

We aim to become a global animal health company by quickly identifying the world’s needs and reflecting them in our research and production.