Leading veterinary innovation from A KS Company

21st century solutions for age old friends

Care & quality of life solutions

Carus are committed to researching and developing novel approaches in animal healthcare

Strategic Partnerships

Building partnerships with life science and academic centres of excellence

Research & Development

Be it common everyday animal health complaints or managing symptoms of chronic diseases

Manufacturing excellence

Bringing R&D projects to commercial-scale production and enhanced products to market faster

Veterinary specialities

Identifying unique & niche veterinary application areas that remain unsupported in the animal health setting.

Veterinary innovation, now & always

Understanding emerging trends in healthcare & technology to better meet the needs of pet owners

Carus Animal Health was established in June 2017 with strong financial backing from its parent company Kyoritsu Seiyaku (KS). Carus shares the philosophy of its parent company Kyoritsu Seiyaku for contributing to the unique bond between people, animals and the environment.

Carus Animal Health is focused on enhancing the opportunity for Pet owners to be able to give their pets the best care from cradle to grave by early access and development of cutting edge innovation. This will be secured through access to new technologies and products from academia, the pharmaceutical industry and from early stage companies that have been explicitly founded to exploit new areas of treatment and care.

Carus Animal Health – The Care They Need

We aim to become a global animal health company by quickly identifying the world’s needs and reflecting them in our research and production.

In the 21st century, animals have become more important for human welfare than ever before. In the area of companion animal pharmaceuticals, we provide detailed support not only for the happy, healthy lives of animals including with respect to high-quality vaccines and foods, but also provide support so as to contribute to the creation of an environment in which animals receive proper aging care and enjoy a good quality of life during each stage of their lives.

The Future Of Animal Health Is In Safe Hands

Carus is a select team of animal health professionals who have:
● 67 Years experience in the field
● 10k customers & growing
● 200 products on the market

We know how important pets are to human life and a report from the PDSA in 2021 clarifies that over half of the UK population own a pet. That's why we're determined to provide support for pets during all life stages. 

Find out more: https://www.carusanimalhealth.com/

It's vital for our team at Carus to understand and implement emerging trends in healthcare and technology in order to better our science and improve the life of companion animals.

Find out more about our innovative animal health care here: https://www.carusanimalhealth.com/

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The future of animal health is in

safe hands


We are a select team of animal health professionals looking to develop innovative new animal health products and veterinary solutions.


of experience in the field


Customers & Growing


products on the market

Meet Our Team

Carus Animal Health is led by a team of experienced commercial experts with a far-reaching range of expertise in the animal health industry and more.

Takaaki Takai


Takaaki is a charismatic figure who started the Calmic Japan Limited, a JV with the Rentokil Initial plc, UK, in 1969.

Tokiyoshi Sakakiabara


Toki has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry of more than 30 years.

Ron Long

Chairman & CEO

Ron brings a wealth of experience from the Life Science and Pharmaceuticals industry.

Jolian Howell

Chief Commercial Officer

Jolian has over 20 years' experience in the animal health sector.

We are at the beginning of a long journey which has started with building partnerships in the UK, Europe and North America with academic centers of excellence and industrial partnerships from organisations specialising in; veterinary medicine, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices, that can be developed or adapted for treatment and care of companion animals.

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